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Barron Lake is a 210 acre All Sport lake in Niles, Michigan.  Just 20 minutes from Notre Dame and only 90 minutes from Chicago, IL.  Boat traffic is lower than most all sport lakes because there is no public access launch on the lake.  There is an active Lake Association that works to protect the interests of the riparian owners and protect the natural resources of the lake.

Barron Lake has a well that pumps water into the lake as needed to help maintain a full lake throughout the year.

Fishing - native fish species include Large and Small Mouth Bass, Bluegills, Crappie, Northern Pike and Walleye.  The association has stocked Walleye in the past and have allocated funds to do so again soon.

Barron Lake is an excellent value for a year round home or second home.  Home sale prices on Barron Lake have been ranging between $200,000 and $500,000 for the last several years.

As active members of the Barron Lake Association and residents of the lake for over 20 years we can answer any question you may have about Barron Lake.

The legal high-water mark for Barron Lake is 757.0' above sea level.  The water will run out of the overflow when in reaches this level.  The "pump to" level is six inches lower than the high-water mark or 756.5' above sea level.


If you have a house for rent on the lake just drop me a line and I will put it on for you! I always have people asking me about rentals.

If you have boats, jetskis or other lake related items you would like to sell I will post them here for you too.








Barron Lake Listings

As a resident of Barron Lake I can provide you with the fastest response time and all of the current information about Barron Lake.

Here are some sales over the last year, Click Here not much for sale around the lake right now!


Thank you,
Brian Floor


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